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Welcome to the City of Natchez Career Opportunities Webpage!
​We are excited about your interest in pursuing a career with the City of Natchez, and we hope that your experience in using our online application process is a positive one.  It is our desire that you develop professionally and personally throughout your employment with the City of Natchez.  Begin your career progression today by taking inventory!​  Use the questionnaire below to develop a snapshot of your career "as it is now” and "as you would like it to be." Discuss your answers with a trusted co-worker, manager, friend or HR professional as you begin to assess who you are and determine where you endeavor to go.

Current Job Assessment
1. What do you like most about your current job?
2. What would you like to do more of? ​3. What do you like least about your current job? ​4. What would you like to do less of? 5. What are the primary skills your current job requires? What is your current skill level in these areas?

​​Career Goals - Current and Future
​1. Two or three years from now, where would you like to be professionally? ​2. What would you need to achieve to accomplish this? ​3. What new responsibilities or challenges could you take on to move you towards your goal? ​​

Job Satisfaction
1. What would help you obtain more satisfaction from your work? ​2. What changes could you make in your performance that would satisfy you more? ​

New Skills and Abilities
1. What new tasks, roles, skills, abilities, etc. would you like to acquire or improve? ​2. What technical or Professional Development training, education, certifications or licenses would you like to obtain?

The City of Natchez is an equal opportunity employer and we are committed to the principals of equal opportunity and affirmative action. It is the City's policy to provide equal employment opportunity without regard to race, age, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, veteran status, disability, and/or political affiliation. This applies to applicants and all employees-regardless of position. ​

EVERIFY- Federal law requires all employers to verify the identity and employment eligibility of all persons hired to work in the United States. The City of Natchez uses the E-Verify system to verify employment eligibility of newly-hired individuals.​