Mayor of Natchez, Mississippi, 2020-2024

Dan M. Gibson

Celebrating a New Era in Natchez!

For over 300 years this Jewel of the Mississippi, the oldest city, perched on the highest bluff on the Great River, has been welcoming visitors from all over the world. We pay tribute to all who have come before us – the native Natchez’ from whom we derive our name, the French who settled here in 1716, the English, the Spanish, the American, and yes – the African. Truly all have helped shape the city we know and love. 

Today, we celebrate a new era in Natchez as a new breed of “Natchoosians” descend upon our city in impressive numbers, all of them excited to call this their new home. We celebrate a time of diversity, renewal, and hope. Unity, the core word in Community and Opportunity, has become our hallmark. Our great history continues, now in our fourth century as a city, and we look to a promising and brilliant future!

Thank you for the honor of serving as your Mayor.

Dan M. Gibson
44th Mayor of Natchez, Mississippi