Four Seasons of Fun

There is a definite summer, fall, winter and spring pattern in the Natchez area, but winter is short and mild, and to some, summer can bring extreme heat.

Temperatures & Climate

In the summertime, maximum average temperatures are in the 80s and 90s. June, July and August have average temperatures of 90 and above, and May ranges in the mid to high 80s, as does September. In October, the clear blue skies come with mild temperatures that may rise into the 80s but are generally in the 70s.

Although the days of high humidity from May to the fall are occasionally uncomfortable, the afternoon rains are a relief. In April, the average high temperature is about 78 degrees as compared to 92 degrees in August. The average April low is about 55 degrees as compared to 70 degrees in August. By late March, flowering trees and shrubs generally are in full bloom.

A historical mansion in Natchez

Wintry Weather

First frost can come as early as November, but real wintry weather is most likely in January and February, as a rule. January is the coldest month, with high temperatures hovering at about 60 degrees. Miss-Lou winters are influenced by the Gulf of Mexico to the south, the continental land mass and the prevailing southerly wind. The southerly winds provide a moist semitropical climate that makes afternoon thunderstorms likely and numerous.

In the winter, frequent warm tropical fronts break the spell of cold. Cold spells rarely last longer than a few days and hard freezes are not frequent. Because of the area's humidity and average temperatures, snowfall rarely accumulates at more than an inch and often melts off the same day.